Bappi and Mahi's relation after brea

In the current period without entering dhallywood wrapped in love Bappi Chowdhury and mahiya Mahi. Shooting outside their joys as well as the one seen in the picture. After his break up but many do not recognize anyone in the Open Secret of the data. However, the relationship between the pair is not like before. Have discovered a close source of Bappi said that.

Suddenly Bappi – Mahi has claimed to have set the formula as well. According to him, the Jazz multimedia officers Ajam arrested after the incident at the onset of the ear. Testimony to the ear, police said, mahiya Mahi has a special relationship with the Chief Judge of multimedia. Not only was her marriage with the Mahi.

Go to angry Bappy reached in the bosom. Mahi denied everything, but to Bappy. I still can not tolerate the bosom of the mind. Bappy told that more closely takkijabidi the formula, then Bappy interacting with the Mahi declines. Not much contact with them outside of work. Recently the two ‘Hanimuna’ name’re shooting a photo. Two syutinyeo not saying much. Writes the way home that get the job done. However, due to the out of work – the reason the two were talking on the phone, the message would Writing. Going out to eat or have to divert.

When in contact with the Bappy He did not speak.

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