Dhaka guy meets Kolkata beauty

Shakib Khan will be romancing Tollywood actor Nusrat Jahan in P A Kajol's upcoming film “Dhakar Chele Kolkatar Meye.”
As the title suggests, it is a romantic story between a guy from Dhaka and a girl from Kolkata. Childhood friends, the duo were separated when Nusrat's family move and they fall out of touch. After a decade or so, Shakib goes to Kolkata on business and by the hand of fate, he bumps into his childhood sweetheart among the sea of strangers in the mega city. At first they fail to recognise each other but as soon as they discover their true identity, they fall in love.

“Shakib and Nusrat gave vocal confirmation for working in the movie and both are excited to be a part of a film that covers both the Bengals,” said P A Kajol to Dhaka Tribune.

The director said that the film will be a co-production and an Indian production house is in the midst of signing a contract with Bangladeshi “Ma Cholochitro” for producing the movie.

Source: Dhaka Tribune
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